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Blazn Burner - Infrared Hookah Charcoal Burner


Looking for how to light your best natural hookah coals? Blazn™ Infrared is your solution!

               Finally …a charcoal burner actually designed for the rigorous abuse of hookah coal! Whether your charcoal lighting needs are speed, efficiency, portability or durability, the Blazn Burner delivers. It was developed for the functional needs of daily hookah charcoal ignition and proves to be the essential accessory to every hookah setup. 


               The inventors of Shishavac very proudly introduce the patent-pending infrared hookah charcoal burner. Infrared is fast and efficient, and it’s an ideal way to light your favorite natural hookah charcoals. Which hookah coal do you prefer? Hookah tablet coal? …seconds! Natural wood hookah coals? …no problem! Coconut hookah coals? …this is built for you! It doesn’t matter what hookah coal, its proven performance is unparalleled. 

Blazn Hookah Charcoal Burner, Stove, Lighter

                 The Blazn Burner has been intelligently engineered and expertly crafted to meet the demands of daily hookah enthusiasts that have every right to be able to enjoy the quality session provided by natural hookah charcoals that are typically difficult and messy to ignite.  Coil stoves are slow, messy, ugly and short-lived. The Blazn Burner beats out coil stoves on every performance based comparison and generally lights any hookah charcoal 30-40% faster and over 60% more efficiently. 

               The Blazn Burner is compact enough to take with you to a friend’s house or take outdoors to light your hookah coals in open air. It can be used beside you or in the next room with the ability to transport coals using its stainless steel basket and removable handle.  What do you prefer? An effective hookah charcoal burner or a beautiful one? Blazn Burner’s sleek design offers both with clean lines that fit all design environments

How to light hookah coals with Infrared Coal Stove

We’ve designed this high-tech burner with as much attention to a tasteful aesthetic as we have meeting the needs of its functional purpose. Our years of manufacturing experience have enabled us to produce the Blazn Burner at a cost that makes it affordable to you while retaining our company’s high quality standards.

How does it work and why is infrared faster at lighting hookah charcoal?

The Blazn Burner methodology recognizes a fundamental physical principle that black things absorb radiant heat most efficiently and hookah charcoals are almost perfectly “Black.” The Blazn Burner emits large amounts of radiant heat, or infrared, concentrated directly on your charcoal.  Infrared also increases ignition efficiency because it does not interfere with the oxygen flow required to combust hookah charcoal. The Blazn Emitters, the source of infrared, never touch your shisha charcoal like other methods that limit oxygen to the combustion process.

How to Light Hookah Coals Fast with Infrared Hookah Stove

Blazn Burner Features

Blazn Burner Infrared Hookah Charcoal Burner

Patent-Pending Blazn Infrared Heating Technology

Implements Blazn Infrared heating technology that ignites charcoal 30-40% faster, 60% more efficiently and reaches 800° F in Seconds!



Blazn Burner Hookah StoveSleek, Robust, All-Metal Design

Blazn Burner's main housing is built entirely with powder-coated metal. Handles and switch box are high-temperature polycarbonate. Blazn Burner's clean lines delineate an outstanding design aesthetic that is both elegant and sleek. Its satin all black finish allow it to appear clean even after heavy use.

Blazn Burner Infrared Hookah Coal BurnerReplaceable/Detachable Blazn Emitters

Blazn Emitters are detachable allowing easy replacement for unmatched product life and outstanding durability. Each Blazn Emitter is rated for approximately 100 LIFEHOURS!

Blazn Burner Hookah Stove Hookah LighterTransportable Stainless Steel Basket/Handle

 Transport coals easily using the Blazn Burner's coal basket and handle. Its stainless steel basket is design with a louvered bottom to maximize infrared to charcoal.

As we say here at Hookatec: Quit Waiting. Get Blazn.

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