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The World’s First Hookah Preparation System


Buy ShishavacWe, as people who enjoy a hookah, understand it is something special. Savoring a hookah pipe is a time to unwind and reflect and socialize with the people we love. We see it as a pleasure of living.

After years of development we proudly introduce Shishavac®, The World's First Hookah Preparation System™ and the ultimate companion for the hookah enthusiast.

By transforming our interaction with a socio-cultural smoke, and refining the daunting tasks of hookah preparation, the Shishavac defines a revolution. Now, with this simple device, your pleasure escapes to the purest level of hookah experience.

Whether you refer to it as a hookah, shisha, nargile, hubble-bubble or something else, the world over has one commonality when it comes to hookahs, which is the pain it can be to prepare.  Shishavac is here to refine this process and does do by four basic functions.

This beautifully designed, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your hookah in seconds, burn your best natural hookah coals, clean your hookah hose and dry your hookah's parts after washing. 

The Shishavac conveniently integrates all these functions into a user friendly, instrumental household appliance. Refining a centuries-old cultural tradition, the Shishavac is a revolution, bringing technology into the hookah session to make it even better.  Try this once and you'll never want to setup the session without it!





Non-washable hookah hoses can now be cleaned with ease. Any loose particles in the hose are blown out with Shishavac’s blower and collected in the replaceable air filter.

Shishavac Air FilterHow do you maintain the cleanliness of your hookah hose if you don't have the means of doing so?  It was only after we built our first prototype we realized how dirty these hoses can become.  Have you ever found yourself spitting particles you've inhaled due to your dirty hose?  We all want a clean pipe, but how do we get there?

Shishavac is the solution.  Before your session, Shishavac removes these particles you sometimes don't even feel yourself inhaling. (Click here to see what was removed from our first prototype)

You might say, "Well, I will just get a new hose when this one gets dirty!"  …but do you actually buy a new one every time your hose gets dirty?  .

You might say, "I clean my hose with water and it's easy!" …but after get a new hose when this one gets dirty!"  …but do you actually buy a new oShishavac System - How to clean a hookah hosene every time your hose gets dirty?  .

You might say, "I clean my hose with water and it's easy!" …but after some testing we found that water makes the coil hoses even dirtier!  Depending on the hose manufacturer, water can rust the inner coil and in any case cause an acceleration of particle build-up.  Either situations increase your chance of inhalation of harmful particles.  Water should never be used for coil hoses unless designed specifically.

The reality is that you smoke from dirty hoses.

The Shishavac brings a unique assurance of simplicity and purity to each of your shisha sessions.

Shishavac air blasts particulate matter into an air filter using a powerful 600 watt blower; and it's easy,  just grab both ends of your hose and insert into the two ports.  The push of your hands into the ports activates the motor. The cleaning cycle is less than ten seconds and conveniently implements an automatic shut off.   Don't worry about your hose not fitting; its ports are conical to be used with any size shisha hose on the market!

Finally, now your hose can be clean and you ready for a pure hookah session.



Shishavac Hookah Charcoal Burner - How to light hookah coalsWhen someone seeks enjoyment or pleasure, should the experience not be pure and simple? Igniting hookah charcoal should be very simple. It should be clean, safe, quick and convenient. Shishavac is "shisha smart" and brings cleanliness and pleasure in even preparing your charcoals. With Shishavac, now you can ignite charcoal with an ideal simplicity you're currently seeking.

Are you looking for a way to ignite shisha coals that is simple, clean and quick? Just fill the basket with coals, place in the machine and turn the knob. That's it! …really

Shishavac contains an electric hookah charcoal burner with a heating coil approaching 800 degrees Celsius. This method ignites any type of natural hookah coals you desire and does so by contact, rather than by fire flame methods. It's design allows you to use coconut charcoal, tablet shisha charcoal, natural wood hookah charcoal, compressed charcoal, japanese hookah charcoal, bamboo charcoal etc.  Its closed configuration and smoke filter prevents coal preparation from making a mess of ash and dust, and its replacement smoke filter is washable so there’s no need for constant replacement. Shishavac's electric hookah charcoal burner operates on a knob timer and automatically shuts off when finished!  Stop using your oven range as hookah stove.  That's not what it's for!  Shishavac's electric hookah charcoal burner was engineered to ignite shisha charcoal specifically for your hookah session.



It is an ideal here at Hookatec that our first puffs are the best. Stoking a shisha pipe always initially requires some large uncomfortable puffs, which also happens to be the time we inhale the largest loose particles. The Shishavac starter stokes your pipe to perfection; and it does so in seconds at the push of your hand.The suction required also double checks any loose particles to ensure one last time that the session will be pure and void of these discomforts.

The Shishavac starter also has an adjustable port so suction can be calibrated simply depending on how much water is in your pipe and how quickly you want it stoked. Depending on preparation, some pipes require more suction which is provided by a simple turn of your hand.

Now enjoy your first puff with a promise of perfection…



AShishavac System Drying Hookah Stemfter we clean our pipe we find that is a dripping mess. We dry the outsides with a cloth, but what about the insides where it matters more. The ability to dry the inside of your pipe minimizes any residue or mildew that may form.

Shishavac's blower allows you to conveniently air dry any pipe parts (including the hose, shaft and downstem) preserving the cleanliness of your hookah pipe, making noticeable differences to the life of your pipe and the quality of your smoke.

Please see for yourself.




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